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DreamWorthy Friends Noteworthy Networkers is a forum designed to showcase and spotlight networking contacts and worthy business friends.

DreamWorthy Friends

This is a socially-oriented, business networking concept. For clarity, it is not intended to focus on “network marketing” or “multi-level marketing.” Nor does it necessarily exclude those who work this business model.

As an added benefit, our concept includes a “Pay It Forward” twist.  As we say in one of our earlier posts, this is our blog to showcase, spotlight, and in general, brag and boast heartily about our networking connections, whom we find worthy of the praise and effort. Once we write about someone, they have the freedom to write about any of their noteworthy networking contacts. So, we hope to create a “Pay It Forward” viral networking vehicle, where networking contacts can showcase their deserving associates and help each other.


There are a few people with whom I have connected online in the last few months who have become friends that I truly trust.  A behavioral interviewing/hiring consultant I once worked with was fond of saying, “Interview ’em, test ’em, put ’em through the paces. But if you wouldn’t let them watch your kids for a few hours, don’t hire them.” His point was about trust – make sure they have the skills and competencies they need to get the job done, but hire people you can count on; whose word is gold; whose heart is pure (or as pure as we get, as imperfect humans).  Hire people you can trust.

When I think about that, it reminds me of Ken Ramirez of Axsys Technology Group. (Who, by the way, is celebrating his birthday today, March 15. Happy birthday, Ken!)

This is Ken

This is Ken

Ken is an interesting guy. He has an impressive business and technology background, no doubt.  He runs multiple companies, true. But it’s what he does and how he does it that separates Ken from the pack.  Not to mention, he is simply a phenomenally nice human being.


Ken has a degree in Computer Science and more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry. He’s consulted with both small and large companies, and every type of company in between. Some of his past clients have included giants such as American Express, Royal Caribbean, MetLife, Prudential and Merrill Lynch. This speaks to his expertise and professionalism, but barely scratches the surface of Ken, the person.

We first met Ken through LinkedIn in 2008, when we were building our own network. We sent a customized personal response to the large majority of people with whom we connected. Sadly, we received a response about 20% of the time. Ken was one of those who wrote back with a lively, friendly reply that endeared him to us immediately. Within a week, we were helping each other Digg articles and talking about social media and business online. Ken is a very engaging networker and freely shares of his knowledge and expertise, as evidenced by the free webinars he offers. Sure, it’s a marketing tool where he does meet prospective customers, but if you attend one, you’ll hear him sharing for all he’s worth, and not once doing what you would consider a “sales pitch.”  Watch an example here.

I’ll sum up this section about Ken with his own quote, from his Facebook page, right under his profile photo:  “Happiness comes from knowing that what you are doing for others brings them happiness.” That folks, is Ken Ramirez, the person.


axsystechgroup_logoLet’s talk about his business. I really like Ken’s business vision – it’s simple and clear: “Building the web one site at a time.”  His model is also very simple. He combines top-quality and premium services with the best customer service available. Every customer receives his top-notch customer support no matter how small or large the website or the company. This is so consistent with everything we have seen from Ken. A company can be no better than the person or people behind it, and Ken’s personality, work ethic, beliefs and strong moral footing lay the solid foundation for his company. Making it, of course, the kind of company you can trust and would want to do business with, or refer friends to.

Axsys Technology Group offers a portfolio of website development services, including:

  • Custom Website Development
  • Custom E-Commerce Website Development
  • osCommerce Development and Deployment
  • osCMax Development and Deployment
  • Joomla Website Development and Deployment
  • Flex Development
  • And more

Through its Axsys Hosting website, ATG also offers:

  • Shared Hosting Packages
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Website Templates
  • Merchant Accounts
  • SSL Certificates
  • And more

To learn more about Axsys Technology Group, you can research the following links:

What Axsys Technology Group does:premium_hosting

Axsys’ other web sites include:premium_emarketing


As you can tell, we recommend and endorse Ken highly. Each time we have reached out to him, he has responded with more than we would ever have anticipated or asked. And every time, his advice or actions have been high quality. Ken is not a “Diamond the the Rough,” he is a true Diamond.

Would you like to network, connect, befriend, buy from, learn from and/or help Ken when he needs it?  You’d benefit – and he’s deserving – so please reach out and let him know that Mike and Kali of DreamWorthyGifts.com sent you (Disclaimer: we get nothing but a thanks and good feelings, so there is no ulterior motive here).

You can find Ken at:

Ken Ramirez
Axsys Technology Group
19290 NW 12th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029


Ken, we hope this helps you in some way, as you have helped us.  Readers, I sincerely hope that Ken – or a connection you make through him – brings additional success your way.

And lastly Ken, the baton is now passed.  Let us know when you want to showcase a noteworthy networking contact and the stage will be yours.

Well that’s it for this post, kind readers. Thank you for reading and for networking.  And hats off to Ken for adding real value to our network and so many others.

Your friends in networking,

Mike & Kali Kunkle
DreamWorthy Gifts LLC
Write to us: Mail@DreamWorthyGifts.com
Shop at: http://www.DreamWorthyGifts.com
Read our Shopping Blog: http://DreamWorthyGifts.blogspot.com


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What an amazing post worthy of an amazing person! Great job Mike & Kali!

Wow Mike,
That’s a lot of great info on Ken’s business, and happy birthday Ken!

I’m so flat out overtaken with feelings and can’t even find the words to thank Mike and Kali for this. In one sentence, “I’m floored”. You do things for people because you know they need your help, and if I have a special skill that can help someone else move forward in life, I’m willing to do it. God helps those that help themselves and others. And this is truly God’s grace and light shining on us. Thanks guys. You are truly unique and the best set of people that I have ever met.

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