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It’s Follow Friday again!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we are enthusiastic participants on Twitter(If you’re new to us, or this blog, please keep reading. If this is old news, skip right down to our #FollowFriday recommendations for this week.)

We make no apologies for marketing our business on Twitter and for trying to maximize the positive power of social media networking. We’re certainly still learning on a daily basis and Twitter is certainly still evolving. Overall, though, it seems to be working and it certainly is  fun. Twitter Friends

That said, we know that our customers and Twitter friends are people first — walking, talking (tweeting), human beings — so we usually do our best to reach out, connect, engage, laugh, genuinely befriend, and help our followers — or as much as we can, given the crazy busy-ness of our lives! Frankly, it just feels good to help other people — whether or not they return the favor — and whether or not they become customers. It is an extension of the values we to try to live by, in business and life.

In that vein, this blog is a socially-oriented, business networking concept, which includes a “Pay It Forward” twist. As we say in one of our earlier posts, this is our blog to showcase, spotlight, and in general, brag and boast heartily about our networking connections, whom we find worthy of the praise and effort. Once we write about someone, they have the freedom to write about any of their noteworthy networking contacts. So, we hope to create a “Pay It Forward” viral networking vehicle, where networking contacts can showcase their deserving associates and help each other. Recently, we have seen several Twitter friends put their #FollowFriday recommendations on their blogs, so it occurred to us that this forum, our DreamWorthy Friends networking blog, was a perfect place for us to do the same thing. So now, we do this every Friday. (Note: The most current list varies, based on who has interacted with us over a several week period.)

Here is our #FollowFriday post on this blog, for Friday, June 12, 2009. Follow these Tweeple! And please check out their profiles and web sites!

@3bubblesoff ~Spirited, bubbly, musical, self-proclaimed Twitter-addict with a great sense of fun & fellowship.
@arbonneteam ~Friendly & kind fellow online biz owner with a strong faith & great site: http://tr.im/megS
@axsystechgroup ~Talented web site designer & web host company: http://tr.im/Axsys; build & grow online biz: http://tr.im/kcBU
@banteringblonde ~Blonde & bantering is hard 2 beat. Bubbly~outgoing~funny~kind~Great tweeter! See vlog~ http://bit.ly/s4XVy
@blogomomma ~A funny, kind, sharp & positive tweeter~Truly good peep! Did we mention funny?! Fun blog: http://tr.im/kdOWf
@bassguitar65 ~Great tweeter! Funny, friendly & all around nice guy. Quite the horse pro ~ See http://tr.im/m6HE
@bizwhig ~Billie is an ACN rep with COOL products at http://tr.im/iVvT & a great sense of fun and fellowship.
@DreamWildly ~AdWords guru, wine enthusiast & funny peep with a big heart. Fun convo ~ see cool articles: http://tr.im/mPWM
@DreamWorthyDoc ~He’s our dog & mascot, snores quietly, kills spiders fearlessly + he’s CUTE: http://tr.im/DocPics
@DrFernKazlow ~DrK is savvy~bright~kind & real. Personal Growth & Social Media Biz Growth: http://tr.im/j5X4 & http://tr.im/kcLC
@denyseduhaime ~Friendly, kind, supportive & fun tweeter ~Check out her site to make money on the ‘Net: http://tr.im/jF9b
@ECS_Dave ~Bright, engaging tweeter w/ a proven approach to personal development. See: http://tr.im/m66j & http://tr.im/m66u
@FawnKey ~A great, kind guy with a good sense of humor. An e-marketing whiz, too. See http://tr.im/mOXp & http://tr.im/mOXz
@gabbricha ~Mom of 3, dog person, funny and kind. Runs 2 biz’s: http://tr.im/kgeA & http://tr.im/kgeZ ~Check her out!
@grouchobeer ~An old friend ~highly intelligent w/ a wickedly-twisted, hilarious wit. Film maker & comic writer.
@itspartityme ~Friendly, supportive Tweeter who cares enough to ask about you. For party planning help: http://tr.im/nAE1
@joycecherrier ~Blond, buff & bubbly ~an ex-pro athlete w/a big heart & fun attitude! Likes to help people. http://tr.im/j623
@JaxLicurse ~A friendly tweeter who cheerfully adds something to our day. Make your money work for you: http://tr.im/m6Or
@julito77 ~Intelligent, family man w/ a biz plan. Great marketing mind ~ a really great guy! 😉 Check out: http://tr.im/j64P
@johnmijac ~Friendly tweeter, Real Estate pro in AZ, real convo & an excellent chef. HUGE heart. See http://tr.im/m6Q3
@knikkolette ~Awesome peep. Fun, bright, nice. Talented artist & interior decorator. See http://bit.ly/pj8Ft & http://tr.im/kcYo
@kparker3 ~Texan dog lover with a positive attitude. Sweet & engaging ~ Show her some Twitter love! 🙂
@LadyCromwell ~An incredibly funny, nice & engaging tweeter who always takes time out to say Hi to us. Enjoy tweeting w/her!
@laineyspawtique ~A wonderful tweeter who goes the extra mile, converses, & makes a mean canine cuisine! See http://tr.im/j60l
@lindasmith247 ~Supportive, fun peep with a wonderful gift basket site. Follow her & check out: http://tr.im/lc4V
@lauraduhaime ~A funny engaging tweeter who is supportive & helpful. Check out: http://tr.im/kdB0 for great deals!
@Lipodoc ~She will suck the fat right outta ya. Plus, she is engaging, bright and riotously funny. See http://tr.im/m6a2
@LoveMyPoodles ~Displaced NYer in TX~a good-hearted, kind tweeter w/ a sense of humor. Can now say “Y’all!” http://tr.im/kgj2
@MajorDodson ~A Texas bud who’s kind, engaging, funny & a wonderful poet! See http://tr.im/iVUt & http://tr.im/m6TE
@michbennett ~Friendly, engaging tweeter who is always willing to tweet and help! Marketing whiz: http://tr.im/m6av
@MisterNoodle ~This noodle-head is hilarious, engaging, w/ a heart of gold covered in a layer of snarkcasm. A MUST FOLLOW!
@MobiMom ~This Mom is funny, fun ~ a friendly, supportive RT’er. Check out her children’s stories sit6e: http://tr.im/ol4y
@Mollyinfolode ~Genuine, kind, funny, engaging, supportive ~ music-scene queen + working on http://www.infolode.com (coming soon).
@MrTweet ~Come on, he helps us recommends people. Ya gotta love MrTweet! ~ http://tr.im/kdXU
@nursejennifer ~Wacky and good-hearted, she is as funny and fun as they come. Check out http://tr.im/kdGt
@NYCityMama ~Carol is a friendly, positive, kind, fun mommy blogger! Check out: http://tr.im/kdGz
@PawPrintsPet ~Dog-loving~friendly~engaging~funny~ Photographer of dogs in action! Check out: http://tr.im/m6bl
@Peties_Pam ~Engaging friendly tweeter~educates on nutrition/health ~check out http://tr.im/j60p & http://tr.im/kd6n
@RandomReTweet ~Because hey, RT’ing is a good thing. Also follow @Pathway8 – the genius youngster behind the scenes.
@RebeccaHasWrote ~Funny, enjoyable TwitterBell who always says hello & engages. Awesome blog at http://tr.im/kdHU
@RosevilleRockLn ~Hilarious~snarky~ROTFL funny~supportive & kind. Serious side: http://tr.im/kdIB ~Fun Blog: http://tr.im/kdJb
@SashaKane ~A heart the size of Texas. Sweet, kind, sincere, caring & gentle! Read her story at http://tr.im/kdLf
@screweduptexan ~Fellow Texan~close in distance & spirit. Fun & kind! Her Blog: http://tr.im/kdgh ~ Her Book: http://tr.im/la4r
@SusanPreston ~Susan always breezes in to say hello & wish us a wonderful day. See her new Twitter biz at http://tr.im/mPjj
@ShellyKramer ~Friendly~kind~supportive~witty~bright, engaging & fun. Marketing/branding/ad pro: http://tr.im/kdsg
@SallyLeeCandles ~Friendly, kind tweeter with a wonderful eco-friendly candle company: http://tr.im/m9RK
@SandiNJ ~A friendly, kind-hearted NJ Mom who is pleasant, positive and fun to tweet with. Read: http://tr.im/m70M
@Stacie00 ~A kind, fun & funny Tweeter who “sweet” talks with us about snacks (and more!) ~ Read her blog: http://tr.im/m71R
@SusanLorelei ~ A really kind-hearted Tweeter who is very engaging ~ Sweet & funny ~ Check out her site: http://tr.im/kgcM
@stephaniec2c ~Great networker, friendly & kind~Internet marketing whiz~See: http://tr.im/lJ4C
@StuBakerComedy ~A wacky, fun, riotous, hilarious, engaging, comedic tweeter.
@TankaBar_Linda ~A fellow online biz owner~engaging, supportive, fun to tweet with. Shop at http://tr.im/m6CG!
@tcansler ~A fellow TX Tweeter with a big heart! Tami is friendly, engaging & funny! Great tweetversations! 🙂
@TidyCat ~Real convo, big heart, genuine. A love for tuna & a gift of gab. Positive & fun. See: http://tr.im/m74G
@Tekee ~Incredibly nice~friendly~engaging down to Earth tweeter ~Check out his Twitter philosophy and #FF at http://tr.im/kduf
@twittercize ~Does his best to make us strain a muscle, lift an arm, or cramp a toe. For a blast, check out: http://tr.im/kdxl
@terrimcculloch ~Wonderful Texas tweeter who runs http://tr.im/iBgZ ~ helps small biz owners grow. Supportive~nice~kind~fun!
@WantedCoupons ~A great coupon site~a fun blog, wonderful peeps~engaging, fun & supportive~Visit our buds at http://tr.im/kdyR
@WhimsicalMom ~Friendly, kind, supportive tweeter with a cool Etsy site. Check out the natural toys! http://tr.im/nABR
@Yourdogfood ~ Fellow N. Dallas tweeter with kids, animals & a cool healthy food biz for dog & cats: http://tr.im/mPle

Other engaging, friendly and/or kind peeps who we really like. Please follow them too!

@amronsomar @Bonniestwit @cellysmellys @DogTales @dragoncade @DanRMorris @DogTravelComp @DavineDC @danielho @fridayluv @flicka47 @frankparker @HolisticMom @IveGotUCovered @J3551C4 @JeanieHollon @JulieBMack @lmpotter @ladydreamer823 @MiraclesGoddess @Pamela_Jones @sweetkittyrina @sweetcherrypop @SylvieDog @ToniTierney @theBigfella @waver52 @WhimsicalMom @XtyMiller @ZnaTrainer


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