Tweeters – Let’s Add More Value to Our Tweets!

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Hello Twitter friends!

We are noticing a trend with some followers that concerns us. Specifically, it is the sending and frequent RTing of tweets that include primarily user names. We’ve seen these referred to as “shout-outs.” We’d like to opt-out of being included in these tweets. If you are including us, thank you for thinking of us, but we’re asking you to please stop.


  1. Good peeps! @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9
  2. Shout out! @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9
  3. Pls Follow @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9

Then, many of the named users will RT this message. By the second or third RT, sometimes the message is dropped and what is being RT’d is solely a list of user names.


At the time I am writing this, 17 of the 18 viewable tweets on our first page contain these messages. Sometimes, we have to click down through pages of tweets to ensure that we don’t miss a message from someone who sent us a personal tweet or question. And while we’ve been called a blessing (a tweet with the word “blessing” with 10 user names) and have been recommended (the word “Follow” with 10 user names), we don’t see this practice as being as valuable as Follow Friday. One day of #FollowFriday or #Follow shout-outs seems plenty, to us.

I am 100% certain that people are doing this out of kindness, with the very best of helpful, friendly intent. It’s to the point, however, where we believe it can have an opposite detrimental impact.

In our opinion, based on our experience over the past 14 months on Twitter, people follow tweeters based on similar interests and the value they find in their tweets. When your entire stream is taken over by these user name-only tweets, how does that add value to anyone, and why would anyone follow someone whose entire stream is filled with such tweets? And worse, eventually, we believe that many of the type of followers that we want to attract will eventually unfollow accounts that do this regularly. We could be wrong, but this is our opinion and belief.

So, as of today, we are asking these kind and helpful followers to please NOT include us in the massive user name tweets on a daily basis, unless it is on Friday, for #Follow Friday.


We would much prefer these ideas:

  • Tweet about something interesting. What’s your passion?
  • Try to help a favorite cause.
  • Engage with us personally and share what is happening in your world.
  • Make someone laugh. Sometimes “adding value” is simply making someone (meaning: an individual) laugh, smile or feel good.
  • Help others by tweeting about their blogs, websites, favorite things, or simply RTing interesting tweets from others. Pay It Forward!
  • To better understand our Twitter philosophy, you can read more at

We hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but recognize that it has that potential. I assure you, it’s not our intent. If it happens, we sincerely regret it. Just as we trust that your intent is positive, please trust that ours is, too. If we all assumed good intent, we’d all be better off.

I also regret to say that if we can’t extract ourselves from this pattern, we will need to unfollow or block the individuals who continue to clog our tweet stream with these user name-only tweets (with the notable exception of #FollowFriday) We believe that Twitter lists will eventually replace this ritual, but we still respect it, and the Pay-It-Forward kindness it encourages – in moderation, on Friday. 😉

Thanks for understanding. Have a great week and let’s all think about how to add more value with our tweets!At DreamWorthy, We Love Our Followers!

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@UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9

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I applaud you guys for establishing your social media Twitter boundaries, once again proving that we all are owners of our own Twitter experience. BTW, I agree 100% with your suggestions.

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