Tweeters – Let’s Add More Value to Our Tweets!

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Hello Twitter friends!

We are noticing a trend with some followers that concerns us. Specifically, it is the sending and frequent RTing of tweets that include primarily user names. We’ve seen these referred to as “shout-outs.” We’d like to opt-out of being included in these tweets. If you are including us, thank you for thinking of us, but we’re asking you to please stop.


  1. Good peeps! @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9
  2. Shout out! @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9
  3. Pls Follow @UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9

Then, many of the named users will RT this message. By the second or third RT, sometimes the message is dropped and what is being RT’d is solely a list of user names.


At the time I am writing this, 17 of the 18 viewable tweets on our first page contain these messages. Sometimes, we have to click down through pages of tweets to ensure that we don’t miss a message from someone who sent us a personal tweet or question. And while we’ve been called a blessing (a tweet with the word “blessing” with 10 user names) and have been recommended (the word “Follow” with 10 user names), we don’t see this practice as being as valuable as Follow Friday. One day of #FollowFriday or #Follow shout-outs seems plenty, to us.

I am 100% certain that people are doing this out of kindness, with the very best of helpful, friendly intent. It’s to the point, however, where we believe it can have an opposite detrimental impact.

In our opinion, based on our experience over the past 14 months on Twitter, people follow tweeters based on similar interests and the value they find in their tweets. When your entire stream is taken over by these user name-only tweets, how does that add value to anyone, and why would anyone follow someone whose entire stream is filled with such tweets? And worse, eventually, we believe that many of the type of followers that we want to attract will eventually unfollow accounts that do this regularly. We could be wrong, but this is our opinion and belief.

So, as of today, we are asking these kind and helpful followers to please NOT include us in the massive user name tweets on a daily basis, unless it is on Friday, for #Follow Friday.


We would much prefer these ideas:

  • Tweet about something interesting. What’s your passion?
  • Try to help a favorite cause.
  • Engage with us personally and share what is happening in your world.
  • Make someone laugh. Sometimes “adding value” is simply making someone (meaning: an individual) laugh, smile or feel good.
  • Help others by tweeting about their blogs, websites, favorite things, or simply RTing interesting tweets from others. Pay It Forward!
  • To better understand our Twitter philosophy, you can read more at

We hope this doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but recognize that it has that potential. I assure you, it’s not our intent. If it happens, we sincerely regret it. Just as we trust that your intent is positive, please trust that ours is, too. If we all assumed good intent, we’d all be better off.

I also regret to say that if we can’t extract ourselves from this pattern, we will need to unfollow or block the individuals who continue to clog our tweet stream with these user name-only tweets (with the notable exception of #FollowFriday) We believe that Twitter lists will eventually replace this ritual, but we still respect it, and the Pay-It-Forward kindness it encourages – in moderation, on Friday. 😉

Thanks for understanding. Have a great week and let’s all think about how to add more value with our tweets!At DreamWorthy, We Love Our Followers!

Mike and Kali Kunkle
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@UserName1 @UserName2 @UserName3 @UserName4 @UserName5 @UserName6 @UserName7 @UserName8 @UserName9
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DreamWorthy FollowFriday List

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@DreamWorthy on TwitterHello again DreamWorthy Friends!Twitter Logo

It’s Follow Friday again!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we are enthusiastic participants on Twitter. (If you’re new to us, or this blog, please keep reading and check out this post, too. If this is old news, skip right down to our #FollowFriday recommendations for this week.)

We make no apologies for marketing our business on Twitter and for trying to maximize the positive power of social media networking. We’re certainly still learning on a daily basis and Twitter is certainly still evolving. Overall, though, it seems to be working and it certainly is fun. TwitterFriends

That said, we know that our customers and Twitter friends are people first — walking, talking (tweeting), human beings — so we usually do our best to reach out, connect, engage, laugh, genuinely befriend, and help our followers — or as much as we can, given the crazy busy-ness of our lives! Frankly, it just feels good to help other people — whether or not they return the favor — and whether or not they become customers. It is an extension of the values we to try to live by, in business and life.

This blog is a socially-oriented, business networking concept, which includes a “Pay It Forward” twist. As we say in one of our earlier posts, this is our blog to showcase, spotlight, and in general, brag and boast heartily about our networking connections, whom we find worthy of the praise and effort. Once we write about someone, they have the freedom to write about any of their noteworthy networking contacts. So, we hope to create a “Pay It Forward” viral networking vehicle, where networking contacts can showcase their deserving associates and help each other. Recently, we have seen several Twitter friends put their #FollowFriday recommendations on their blogs, so it occurred to us that this forum, our DreamWorthy Friends networking blog, was a perfect place for us to do the same thing. So now, we do this every Friday. (Note: The most current list varies, based on who has interacted with us over a several week period.)

Here is our #FollowFriday list. Follow these Tweeple! And please check out their profiles and web sites!

@arbonneteam ~Friendly,kind online biz owner (Arbonne, of course) w/ a strong faith & great site:
@artsyknik ~Awesome peep. Fun, bright, nice. Talented artist & interior decorator. See &
@axsystechgroup ~Talented web site designer & web host: ~Build & grow biz online:
@bassguitar65 ~Great tweeter! Funny, friendly & all around nice guy. Quite the horse pro ~ See
@blogomomma ~A funny, kind, sharp & positive tweeter~Queen of the hashtags! Fun blog: A MUST follow!
@BerniePiekarski ~So wacky, fun & naughty that you almost forget he’s a bright biz & Internet Marketing pro:
@cupcakes5 ~Funny, kind & chatty! Homeschools & writes an awesome cooking, baking, decorating blog:
@denyseduhaime ~Friendly, kind, supportive & fun tweeter ~Check out her site to talk weight loss:
@DreamWorthyDoc ~He’s our dog & mascot, snores quietly, kills spiders fearlessly + he’s CUTE:
@DrFernKazlow ~DrK is savvy~bright~kind & real. Personal Growth & Social Media Biz Growth:
@ECS_Dave ~Bright, engaging tweeter w/ a proven approach to personal development. See:
@gabbricha ~Mom of 3, dog person, funny and kind. Follow her and check out her site!
@grouchobeer ~An old friend ~highly intelligent w/ a wickedly-twisted, hilarious wit. Film maker & comic writer.
@j3551c4 ~An engaging, kind & funny tweeter who shares a mutual admiration w/Kali for Team Eric (TrueBlood)!
@johnmijac ~Friendly tweeter, Real Estate pro in AZ, real convo & an excellent chef. HUGE heart. See
@joycecherrier ~Blond, buff & bubbly ~an ex-pro athlete w/a big heart & fun attitude! Likes to help people.
@julito77 ~Intelligent, family man w/ a biz plan. Great marketing mind ~ a really great guy! 😉 Check out:
@KirkElliott ~St. Lucia wedding photographer, extraordinarre. Also friendly, kind, fun & supportive! See:
@ladydreamer823 ~Enthusiastic and engaging, friendly and fun! Always a blast to tweet with this wonderful lady!
@laineyspawtique ~A wonderful tweeter who goes the extra mile, converses, & makes a mean canine cuisine! See
@lauraduhaime ~A funny engaging tweeter who is supportive & helpful. Check out: for great deals!
@lesliebriskman ~Sharp, funny, a real estate pro and an understudy for Twitter hashtag queen. See her at
@LoveMyPoodles ~Good-hearted, kind tweeter w/ a sense of humor. See her Health Cafe for pets & people:
@MajorDodson ~A Texas bud who’s kind, engaging, funny & a wonderful poet! See
@mamapr ~Kind positive tweeter ~Runs a PR distribution biz + more ~PR Site: PR Blog:
@MobiMom ~This Mom is funny, fun ~ a friendly, supportive RT’er. Check out her children’s stories site:
@Mollyinfolode ~Genuine, kind, funny, engaging, supportive ~ music-scene queen & and all-around great peep!
@MrTweet ~Come on, he helps us recommends people. Ya gotta love MrTweet! ~
@PawPrintsPet ~Dog-loving~friendly~engaging~funny~ Photographer of dogs in action! Check out:
@Peties_Pam ~Engaging friendly tweeter~educates on nutrition/health ~check out &
@RosevilleRockLn ~Hilarious~snarky~ROTFL funny~supportive & kind. Serious side: ~Fun Blog:
@SashaKane ~A heart the size of Texas. Sweet, kind, sincere, caring & gentle! Read her story at
@screweduptexan ~Fellow Texan~close in distance & spirit. Fun & kind! Her Blog: ~ Book:
@Sixtiesguy ~Multi-talented, FUNNY, nice guy w/a GREAT website at ~Check him out!
@StuBakerComedy ~A wacky, fun, riotous, hilarious, engaging, comedic tweeter.
@SusanLorelei ~ A really kind-hearted Tweeter who is very engaging ~ Sweet & funny ~ Check out her site:
@SusanPreston ~Susan always breezes in to say hello & wish us a wonderful day. See her new Twitter biz at
@TankaBar_Linda ~A fellow online biz owner~engaging, supportive, fun to tweet with. Shop at
@Tekee ~Incredibly nice~friendly~engaging down to Earth tweeter ~Check out his blog at
@terrimcculloch ~Wonderful Texas tweeter ~ Director of Sales/Mktg for drug testing co ExperTox at
@Yourdogfood ~ Fellow N. Dallas tweeter with kids, animals & a cool healthy food biz for dog & cats:
Please follow @mike_kunkle & @kali_kunkle, where we hang out when we’re not @DreamWorthy

Other engaging, friendly and/or kind peeps who we really like. Please follow them too!

@asinglewahm @amous @arbonneteam @akronohiohomes @AlpacaFarmgirl @amronsomar @BarbaraDuke @Bekah72 @DogTalesdragoncade @DavineDC @danielho @ElizObihFrank @flexlewis1 @frankparker @lmpotter @lauraduhaime @mamapr @Mazukins @paula721ReTweetFairy @RosieChihuahua @rosyblue @sparquel @shelleehale @Stephaniec2c @theBigfella @LessaT @WendyGYoung @worldprayr @wifemomme @Yuricon

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WOMBATS & BEES ~ Noteworthy Networker Providers Social Media Value

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Hello DreamWorthy Friends and welcome back!

First, let me say that I’m sorry that our return took longer than anticipated.  With work, our online business, our family, and life in general all going full-steam ahead, getting back here took longer than I thought it would.

Here’s the good news, however.  In my absence, I have been fortunate to make some wonderfully-deserving noteworthy networking connections – one of whom I will share with you today.

As a reminder, this is our blog to showcase, spotlight, and in general, brag and boast heartily about our networking connections, whom we find worthy of the praise and effort. Once we write about someone, they have the freedom to write about any of their noteworthy networking contacts. So, we hope to create a “Pay It Forward” viral networking vehicle, where networking contacts can showcase their deserving associates.


Click this link to read and see a Wombat as traditionally defined, thanks to Wikipedia. (Yes, it’s weally a wiki Wombat.)

This is NOT Barry

This is NOT Barry

I define WOMBATS a little differently these days.

For me, it’s “Word-of-Mouth Builds a Tremendous Success.”

Okay, silliness aside – according to most savvy marketers, combining word-of-mouth concepts with the connectivity potential of social media to unleash viral marketing is the best way to foster explosive success for your concept, idea, product or company.  The simple foundation of viral marketing is getting people talking – or good ol’ “word-of-mouth.”  According to word-of-mouth enablers and social media experts from, 80% of companies get 70% of their business from satisfied customers and their referrals. Wow. So what if we could latch onto that potential and foster those referrals? What could we accomplish then?

That leads me to today’s noteworthy networking contact and DreamWorthy Friend, Barry Lee Pace, Vice President of Marketing at

Next Bee Logo - Catch the Buzz

You can read about NextBee at their site ( and explore other areas of their site.

In short, introduces the first ever “platform as a service” solution for word-of-mouth marketing… meaning that marketers can now setup and run campaigns such as referral rewards, contests, reviews, widgets, and cross-site promotions, without requiring any IT or development efforts from their teams – and with extraordinarily easy tracking and hands-off award fulfillment. (I love that part)

Why should you have any faith in NextBee? Hey, that’s always up to you, but aside from the personalities and intelligence of their staff, here’s the other thing that turned our heads:

About Next Bee LLC

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Next Bee LLC is founded by seasoned entrepreneurs whose previous ventures include and Jigsaw Ventures (both were acquired by larger corporations). NextBee offers businesses word of mouth marketing solutions. NextBee is not focused on developing automated algorithms to get most of the remnant inventory or link bait schemes. Rather, the NextBee team strives hard to engage community members and enjoys nothing more than the privilege of having strong trusting relationships with them.

“We are focused on enabling businesses who lack huge marketing budgets and development resources to get most from the new trends in social media, social commerce, and the unique marketing opportunities presented by these platforms. We are looking forward to helping businesses get ahead of their competition through the ‘Participation Premium’ (a term coined by social media marketer Robert Scoble to refer the advantage individuals/companies get by better engagement with the community)” says Ashish Mohole, Founder and CEO of the company.

So, NextBee offers:

  • A history of dot-com success for founders and other team members
  • Deep software and algorithm expertise
  • A proven history of past successes
  • Leading edge social media knowledge
  • Their campaigns are cost-effective (if not dirt cheap)
  • Did I mention a history of success?

But it gets better.  Because if NextBee is the cake (aka the foundation), the icing on that cake is Barry Lee Pace.

This IS Barry

This IS Barry

Barry captivates you when you meet him.  He is incredibly disarming, charming, personable and sincerely friendly.  It seems natural, but hey, being just a tad cynical from time to time, I sometimes wonder. Over time, you learn it’s not an act – this is just how Barry is.  And as you talk with him and begin to share ideas, it becomes apparent that Barry has one of those highly creative, experiment-driven, white-board-scribbling, connect-the-dot marketing minds. For cautionary souls with some amount  of risk-aversion, we realize that working from a blank-slate can bring some risks – you don’t want to blow your marketing budget on an experiment. Don’t fret – that’s not what I’m talking about here with Barry. In addition to the openness and creativity, Barry brings his own history of success with Internet marketing, dot-coms and social media marketing – he’s been part of some of the past ventures with founders that make NextBee a good bet.  Barry is also grounded in reality and he and NextBee can put a tremendous amount of expertise in your corner (and, I might add, without taking a tremendous amount out of your pocket)!

You might remember that we are old-hand networkers but admit to being newer at social media marketing and networking. Barry took the time to help us, patiently. He’s networked with us in various places and supported us in other ways that are well beyond a typical supplier or vendor relationship. We are a small client, but it feels like a partnership. In fact, given how reasonable NextBee’s services are, we definitely owe Barry a “relationship check!”  Barry and co-founder Ashish also made our implementation as painless as any I have ever experienced. We inserted a graphic and dropped in some code (that was handed to us), and made a few coupon codes. Tracking is painless as well.  I believe their platform, product and services will level the playing field, giving smaller players an incredible leg up in the online world.

You can read a bit more about NextBee, our involvement with them, and some of their clients, on another blog post at ShopWorthy.  To see our first referral campaign, check out the banner on our homepage at DreamWorthy Gifts.  Here’s how our first campaign works:  When you refer friends, they get a coupon for 25% off. When they buy – you receive a coupon for 40% off your next purchase. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, or the number of 40% coupons you can gather.  It’s all powered by – other than refreshing coupons, we will barely need to lift a finger.

Whether or not you plan to do business with NextBee, I’d highly recommend that you connect with Barry for networking purposes. If you’re reading this blog about networking, we might as well be supporting each other.

Connect with Barry:

Barry, I hope this helps you in some way, as you have helped us.  Readers, I sincerely hope that Barry – or a connection you make through him – brings additional success your way.

And lastly Barry, the baton is now passed.  Let us know when you want to showcase a noteworthy networking contact and the stage will be yours.

Well that’s it for this post, kind readers. Thank you for reading and for networking.  And hats off to Barry for adding real offline value in an online world.

Your friends in networking,

Mike & Kali Kunkle
DreamWorthy Gifts LLC
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